Entrepids and Peer 1 Hosting partner to build eCommerce momentum in Latin America


Founded in 1999, Entrepids is Latin America’s premier eCommerce provider delivering complex Magento Enterprise implementations to some of the world’s top brands and the region’s largest retailers. As recipient of the Magento Spirit of Excellence Award in 2014, Entrepids has built a solid global reputation as a leader and partner in innovative and complex eCommerce solutions in one of the world’s fastest growing markets, Latin America. Entrepids is one of just 20 top Magento Gold Partners globally.

We sought out a hosting partner who can deliver expertise in Magento Optimized eCommerce solutions with an uncompromising approach to performance, quality and service, who will deliver performance, stability and scalability
Sergio Solanot, CEO at Entrepids


Maintaining an edge in a fast-growing and increasingly competitive marketplace requires companies to consistently deliver high performing solutions to their customers. Entrepids’ retail clients demand an eCommerce platform that delivers speed, security and availability so that their online shoppers can purchase with ease, whenever and however they choose. Entrepids CEO Sergio Solanot describes his organization’s situation: “Our customers need a reliable partner who can take care of all of the technology aspects of the eCommerce store. They want to entrust the technology to experts so that they can focus on running their business, driving sales and revenue, and ultimately creating their own eCommerce success story.” To supply that level of service and expertise, Entrepids requires a hosting partner who, not only understands the technology inside and out, but who also delivers a reliable and secure network infrastructure. “Our list of requirements was long,” says Solanot. “We sought out a hosting partner who can deliver expertise in Magento Optimized eCommerce solutions with an uncompromising approach to performance, quality and service, who will deliver performance, stability and scalability and all the requisite security and reliability features like built- in redundancies, back-ups, alternate sites and rock-solid network infrastructure.”

Meet the team:

  • Customer Experience Managers: these are the Peer 1 go-to people for any non-technical questions such as account
    administration, getting to know the Peer 1 organization and customer processes or billing queries.
  • System Administrators: providing proactive support and technical advice, each member of this Peer 1 24×7 technical team has been trained by Magento on “System Administration and Optimization.”
  • Technical Support Engineers: this incredibly experienced team are trained to help customers with technical account
    management activities such as technical solution reviews and recommendations, customer service reviews, on-boarding support for large solutions and technical escalations.
  • Magento Team Leaders: building a long-term, mutually satisfying relationship is as important to Peer 1 as it is for
    customers. That’s why Peer 1 provides direct access to a local Magento team leader for customers to discuss their service and
  • Account Managers or Directors: the Account Manager works with customers to better understand their business and
    strategy as it unfolds to ensure that Peer 1 always provides exactly what customers need to succeed and achieve their business objectives.
  • Channel Executives: integration partners like Entrepids are each assigned a dedicated Channel Executive to help with
    marketing and sales initiatives to grow customer base.
  • Solution Engineers: these specialists are technically trained to design a world-class solution


Like all enterprise solutions, Magento Enterprise delivers its best performance on an infrastructure optimized to its exacting requirements. Simply running Magento on shared servers on an unknown network risks performance issues that translate into slow loading pages, abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue.
To get the most for their eCommerce customers, Entrepids opted for Peer 1 Hosting’s Magento Optimized Managed Hosting, specifically designed for stable, high performance.

Magento Optimized Managed Hosting

Magento Optimized Managed Hosting from Peer 1 Hosting is a turnkey solution that delivers an infrastructure honed to meet Magento’s intense requirements. It uses proven, optimized and scalable infrastructure components to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability. An experienced team made up of Peer 1 Hosting’s own infrastructure experts, specialized support team, Entrepids’ own Magento-certified development team and Magento’s team of support professionals, all partner together to make the Entrepids eCommerce storefronts run smoothly.
Peer 1 delivers the speed and performance that free customers from ISP bottlenecks and delays by leveraging class-leading, global data center facilities and a wholly-owned 10Gbps FastFiber Network™. The end result is a fast, rock-solid and problem-free Magento site that performs exceptionally and, in turn, delivers that fast user experience that shoppers expect.

Magento Specialized Support

Understanding how vital speed and performance is to the eCommerce sites of organizations like Entrepids and their customers is the first step in delivering first rate support. The next step is creating a hand-picked team of internal Magento specialists who are committed to helping customers get the very best from their technology. Peer 1 Hosting designed their dedicated team approach so that Entrepids, and customers like them, are able to draw on a wide range of both technical expertise and personalized customer support.

Peer 1 and Entrepids have formed a true collaboration and a relationship of mutual trust. We have the full platform support from Peer 1 and that enables Entrepids to, in turn, deliver the best service, infrastructure and value to our clients.”
Sergio Solanot, CEO at Entrepids


Solanot describes how their partnership with Peer 1 has allowed Entrepids to focus on their own strengths. “Partnering with Peer 1 Hosting has been a key ingredient for our Application Management and Hosting Services. By relying on Peer 1 with respect to the underlying platform and infrastructure, we were able to focus on our strength which is Magento
Software. Entrepids takes care of the functionality, design and implementation of the store, and provides application management services so that our clients only need to put their energy in running the business,” notes Solanot.
“Peer 1 off ers specialized Magento support and service and their knowledge of the platform is unparalleled. We rely on Peer 1 and we feel that we can take care of our customers because the team at Peer 1 is highly reliable, dependable and totally
committed to excellence. You will not fi nd any other hosting partner as committed to your success as Peer 1. “…Peer 1 and Entrepids have formed a true collaboration and a relationship of mutual trust. We have the full platform support from Peer 1 and that enables Entrepids to, in turn, deliver the best service,
infrastructure and value to our clients.

“For 15 years, Entrepids has enabled eCommerce success for the leading retailers and brands in Latin
America. We´ve been building tremendous momentum over the last few years, and with Peer 1 Hosting’s industry-leading Magento platform support and fast, high performance infrastructure, they are a valued partner with whom we expect that our customer base will continue to grow.”